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Brand activity to fall in love with

Each month, the Creative Hub of the Brand Activation Council seeks out inspiring work, to share with you, here, on the DMA Blog.

To do this, we ask creative teams and individuals from member companies to put forward new, standout work that they’ve spotted, from anywhere in the world, that involves at least one brand activation element. This might be: ambient, digital, direct mail, experiential, PR theatre, shopper marketing or social network activity.

For our creative showcase, we’re not necessarily looking for joined-up, strategic, multichannel brand activation – simply something that creatively brings a brand to life and encourages positive physical or digital participation.

For February, members of the creative team at Indicia were challenged with sharing their favourite brand activation pieces that proved love was in the air:

Date spotted: 2014-02-10
Client: Ann Summers
Campaign / Brand: Happy Ann Summers Day
Agency/ies: Propaganda
Image: Supplied at 440 wide
Link to video: n/a
Spotter: Richard Norton, Associate Creative Director

Richard says:
Out on the streets, cheeky, subversive and disruptive. Using projection and clean street stencils to get their message out there (sometimes on retail neighbours). If you saw it, you were almost certain to smile. A definite case of naughty but nice.

HD comment:
Naughty but nice? Naughty but cute? Or do you think this is just plain naughty?









Date spotted: 2014-02-14
Client: Heart Research UK
Campaign / Brand: Heart Research UK
Agency/ies: McCann London
Image: Supplied at 440 wide
Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nY0EWPhCxjU
Spotter: Clare Gill, Junior Planner

Clare says:
Bang on theme; it’s easy to “fall in love” with this campaign as it helps to nurture the hearts of the broken-hearted by encouraging them to auction off trinkets from past lovers to help raise money for those that physically have broken hearts. The discarded trinkets, packed full of bad memories, are snapped up by individuals using Instagram #instaheartauction.

The item is then put up for auction to raise money for Heart Research UK. The trinket finds a new loving home and the broken-hearted individual discovers new love by helping others. That’s a whole lotta love!

HD comment:
It’s always hard for charities to capture our imagination and be different within their crowded space. This feels like a fresh, simple idea, but maybe a rather complicated physical mechanic?

Proving, though, that love is not just for February, here’s the latest from McCann London, “Following the success of the #InstaHeartAuction launched on Valentine’s Day, Heart Research UK has decided to continue the online instagram marketplace. So broken hearts will continue healing another.”









Date spotted: 2014-02-08
Client: Evian
Campaign / Brand: I love you like
Agency/ies: We Are Social
Image: Supplied at 440 wide
Link to video: n/a
Spotter: Sophie Forge, Planner

Sophie says:
Before 14 February, consumers who tweeted @evianwater or @evian_uk using the hashtag #ILoveYouLike received a response with an alternative Valentine’s message, such as, “I love you like Robin secretly loves Batman,” or, “I love you like the ’80s love a power ballad,” – just a nice timely engagement mechanic that encouraged followers to “share the love”.

HD comment:
Great alternative Valentine’s messages and clean, stylish pink and white illustrations. Running across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, I’d have liked to see the activation include a physical channel. Other than that, what’s not to love?












Date spotted: 2014-02-14
Client: Coca-Cola
Campaign / Brand: The Invisible Coca-Cola Vending Machine
Agency/ies: C-Section, Istanbul
Image: Supplied at 440 wide
Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjMhZFhD0tI
Spotter: Rebecca Heard, Planner

Rebecca says:
Coca-Cola has come up with a number of brilliant campaigns that reflect its ‘Open Happiness’ theme, a lot of them involving vending machine ideas.

For Valentine’s Day it made ”The Invisible Vending Machine”, which became visible only to couples. When a couple approached, the machine revealed itself and asked for their names before launching a light show and dispensing personalised cans of Coca-Cola.

Why do I love it? Because it’s a  simple, fun campaign which not only truly represents Coke’s ‘brand story’  but one which resonates strongly with its target audience and works time and time again.

HD comment:
Appealing and engaging if you’re already in a couple – not so much fun if you’re still looking for your Valentine!

As Rebecca pointed out, Coca-Cola have done this before, including another couples-only vending machine with C-Section, in Istanbul, for Valentine’s Day 2012.









Date spotted: 2014-02-24
Client: Three
Campaign / Brand: Sing it Kitty
Agency/ies: Wieden + Kennedy
Image: Supplied at 440 wide
Link to video: http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Sharing_stuff/Singitkitty
Spotter: Morag Lamond, Head of Managed Services

Morag says:
Sometimes all it takes to make you feel good really is a cute kid, a singing cat and a great song. It’s not selling me anything it just made me feel good. Great ad to get people talking and nice end – where you too can get involved.

HD comment:
If you couldn’t resist Elf Yourself, last decade (seriously!), you’ll not want to miss starring in your own music video with Three’s singing kitty.







By DMA guest blogger Heather Devany, Creative Director at N2O Limited and member of the DMA Brand Activation Council 

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