How Channel 4 made data sharing fun for me – no really!

An email I got from Channel 4 the other day got me thinking about data privacy from a consumer’s perspective. I recently registered on 4oD so that I could watch stuff from the archive, which meant sharing some personal data. Like most people, I don’t do small print and always click on the ‘I agree’ button to avoid wading through pages of legalese, or what I like to call ‘porridge’.

That’s why when I saw the words ‘privacy policy‘ in the email I almost hit the delete button. I’m glad I didn’t as when I clicked through I was pleasantly surprised. This is how all privacy policies should be written. It’s crystal clear so I know exactly how and why Channel 4 will use my data. I’d go as far as to call it chatty. “To provide you with a more personalised experience, such as making programme recommendations or telling you when a programme you might like is available to watch on 4oD”, the privacy policies tells me.

I also appreciate Channel 4′s honesty about the commercial uses of my data. “To help sell online advertising space. Channel 4 is able to put this advertising revenue back into the free services we provide to you.” Channel 4 has managed to capture my data while making me feel that there’s something in it for me and that my personal information is safe. Oh and I love the Alan Carr viewer promise video that goes with it.